About Me

15823522_10153985649227522_672253346460037729_nI am a 30 odd year old Brit currently residing in Baku, Azerbaijan with my long suffering hubby and our two small people. I am addicted to tea to the point where I import Yorkshire tea into whatever place we happen to be living in. I sometimes take my own teabags to friends houses here because they might only have Ahmed Tea which tastes like floor sweepings.

We are in our 11th year as expats. We started in Eastern Europe in 2006 then made our way to Azerbaijan for the first time in 2009. After 4 years living in Baku we moved to the Middle East spending two years proving that Brits are not designed to live in the desert. 2015 saw us move back to Baku for who knows how long this time.

Its not a bad life, in fact sometimes its bloody brilliant but it can be lonely. I decided this time round in order to stop myself cracking up I needed a proper hobby hence operation crochet. I’m not always completely well mentally although I am finding that the crochet helps somewhat with that too (plus the meds and the tea).