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I did it!!!! Day 31 is done!

27336644_10155083463047522_2269039528942904968_nDay 31 I cant believe it, I actually finished! 31 days of running. 206km done.

12 Months ago I couldn’t run for more than a few minutes before stopping to catch my breath and I moaned the whole time we were out, this month I ran the distance of almost 5 marathons and enjoyed it. I’m not fast and maybe I never will be but I think I might be able to knock a few minutes off my half marathon time this year. The hill that I used to look at from the bottom I can now run up at an almost decent pace (not that I’ve learned to enjoy running that hill but I can get up it!)

Its been a strange month. The new year started with me struggling mentally which carried on over the last four weeks for various reasons. I could quite happily have done what I have done in the past and completely hibernated from life. But I made a commitment so even when it sometimes felt like wading through treacle, I had to get on with it. I wish I had understood the power of turning up your music, putting on trainers and just moving when I was a suicidal, self harming, unmedicated mess, its possible I would carry less scars.

Running for MIND has kept my head above water. Its helped me see that I am better off lacing up my trainers than opening a bottle of wine when I am not well. Even though I am quite looking forward to raising a glass to a job well done I think I will be trying to be more mindful with the bottle from now on. I prefer my runs without the hangover.

Thank you so so much to everyone who sponsored me and supported me. You all went above and beyond once again. I have a couple of sponsors to add to my total but I will let you know what was raised soon. The encouragement really helped especially on those days where I would much rather have been in bed than running around Stonepay in the wind. The waves and messages were much appreciated. The sponsorship donations helped raised over £510K for MIND which means the Mind infoline can answer 850,00 calls next year!

The biggest thank yous have to go to my lovely husband for buying me my treadmill so I had no excuses not to run and to my mini me and my friends, Liz, Claire & especially Zhanara who pushed me, who got up early or came out in the dark to run with me and kept me going another mile.

I’m pretty sure I will give my legs a break tomorrow but the awesome leggings will be back on by Friday. I signed up to run 1000km by December 31st, only 794km left to go……


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