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Listening to what we don’t say…..

I often find articles on **this** website that strike a cord with me. In the spirit of RED January and helping break the silence around mental health problems I thought I would share this one.  3 Phrases I Said When I Was Suicidal That Actually Meant ‘I Want to Die’
I once kept a diary where I put a star in the corner of the page every day I actively thought about suicide in a way that included a plan. That is a scary journal to revisit. Even to myself in pages where I was safe to say what I wanted I rarely used the word suicide or said I wanted to kill myself yet I can find these sentences hundreds of times.
“I just want it to stop.”
“I don’t want to be here anymore.”
“I just can’t do this anymore.”
“I am so tired”
Only one person who wasn’t a mental health professional ever asked me if I was planning to die when they heard me say these things. Thats because she knew, because she had been “tired” too.
Sometimes you need to listen to the words that aren’t being said.
#REDJanuary  #breakthesilence  #DepressionIsAnIllnessNotaWeakness


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