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Day 15. I love my treadmill

Day 15 done!!! I love my new treadmill, well I love that I’m not running in the freezing cold. Back outside tomorrow though. Well hopefully….
I got a message from Mind this morning. £322,000 raised in 15 days! 16 days left to go.
I’ve had some wobbly days over the last couple of weeks. Days where if I’d been back in the UK I might have had to pick up the phone to Mind or reach out for someone to take me to a Mind coffee morning. I’m proud to be part of raising funds and awareness for Mind. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me.

Azerbaijan could really do with an organisation like MIND. Mental health is completely misunderstood here. My housekeeper tells me about suicides among young people in the news each day but no services to help them unless you can afford to go to a psychologist, and most are trained using desperately outdated concepts.

I cant imagine what it must be like for a local here. I have had awful experiences in Baku just trying to get my medication and dealing with the asshat psychiatrist who has less of an understanding about my illness than I do but holds the keys to the medicine cabinet. Having to find a pharmacy that will order my meds from Turkey, dealing with having been given fake medication that was basically a sugar tablet and being told by the asshat that it might be good to try a different medication so I didn’t get fat. Thats with proper insurance, at an international clinic with enough money to pay for what I need.  I really hope that things can change here in the future. I would love to help but I have no idea where to start. 


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