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Blue hair, don’t care

Seriously how did I let it get to September without updating? I’ve had some issues, both with myself and some family that has just got in the way. I haven’t really done much crochet either. I started a lot, I finished nothing which sucks because if I can get my head into it then crochet usually helps my mental state.

I have done somethings I am proud of over the last few months. I ran a half marathon! Actually I ran the largest half marathon in the world, The Great North Run. I wasnt sure I would be able to but my friends and I all crossed the finish line in under 3 hours (2.50.6 to be exact for me). Not Mo Farrah speed but it made me proud of myself. We ran for MNDA and raised £2646 with the help of some great support in Baku.

21430278_10154712510852522_106746079123488762_n Oh yeah I have blue hair. Yes this is a direct symptom of being a bit madder than usual lately. It started off as pink, then lilac. Its been blue for a few weeks now. The mad hair is something I used to do before the kids were born. I control coping mechanism is what the many mental health professionals I have seen over the years call it. It probably is, I know I only get the urge to change when I am not coping with other parts of my life well. Its better than some of the things I used to do at least. I am doing my best to keep out of the way of Dr Doom at the SOS. So far so good, although with winter on the way I will have to be careful. Mel and dark mornings with grey skies do not go well together. I have my sad lamp out!



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