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Teddy bear lovey and a lion.

So the squares haven’t really made a come back yet. I am a lot behind. Ugh.

I did attempt my first c2c graphgan. I made the first square from Sarah Zimmerman’s learn c2c class on Annie’s Catalog. It’s a baby blanket. The first square is a lion. Super cute and super easy. I have all the yarn to do a Harry Potter C2C blanket that I have been putting off because the colour changes seemed a bit overwhelming. Sarah’s class has definitely helped.

Here’s my lion 🙂


I also had a go at making a lovey for a friends little girl.

C2C blanket then a made a basic sphere then added ears and made two single crochet tubes for arms. I am a little bit proud of it!

We are off on a family holiday tomorrow. 2 weeks in Thailand while the school here is on its Novruz holidays. I can’t wait. I have a new project to take with me too. When I was in the UK I bought some grey wool with silver thread running through it. I am going to take it with me to work on this Creepy Skull Triangular Shawl by Spider Mambo.  I think I will take some small balls of coloured yarn too so I can maybe get some squares done if I need a break from using just one colour!!





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