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I am having a slightly better but still not great day today. Mainly because I have a chest infection that is kicking my arse. I haven’t left the house for ages. This does not do my brain any favours.

Square 48 was made up sitting on the sofa watching Doctor Strange with my 5-year-old (yeah I know bad parenting).

Back ground of single stitch with applique fishies.

The fish are easy. The pattern is in one of the learn crochet books my 10-year-old has.

Fish Body:
Make a magic  ring
R1:  Into the ring 6dc, 2tr, 6dc  join with sl st in first sc

ch3, turn.  Starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 2 st, sl st into same joining sl st from the magic ring.  Repeat for next fin.
Fasten off

Yes I am aware I use US terms. Come on people let’s be honest the US terms make more sense than UK terms.





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