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A few days off -the blogging not crochet

I just haven’t had it in me to blog over the last few days. I have been doing my squares though.

Square 42  – I made it up. It wasn’t all that successful. I was also in a bit of a depression fog so I can’t actually remember what I did. It makes me laugh now though because it looks like a boob (I am a child).

Square 43 – I used this PATTERN for the harvest square from I enjoyed this one.  It looks complicated but really wasn’t. 16708451_10154085873697522_3407830679945135997_nSquare 44 was really bad. I tried a linen stitch but couldn’t keep my mind focused. It went really wrong, then I didn’t have anything left in me to try again so I just stuck a nasty border around it. I think this is my worst effort yet.

Square 45  is better 🙂 I love this one, its cute and makes me happy! It was Valentines day yesterday so obviously I had to go with a heart square. I used this pattern from









3 thoughts on “A few days off -the blogging not crochet

  1. Yep definitely a boob! I’m a science teacher the other week I didn’t think to carefully while drawing atoms on the board, it was ok until I merrily added nuclei to each one , suddenly I had a column of boobs!!! It made the girls laugh 😂


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