Azerbaijan · Crochet · Depression

Not the weather for running

I swear I am still cold from this morning. It is freezing, raining and miserable in Baku today. Not the best weather for running but we did it anyway. It was awful. Freezing and wet but we got it done and actually managed more than we have previously, probably because we were hoping to just get it done.

A trip to Bravo supermarket ended in spending 400 Manat on decent wine, self-raising flour and quorn, such is life in Azerbaijan.Im trying to remember to be grateful, the last time we lived here these things weren’t available. I know it’s better but Baku is not my favourite place today. Grey, rainy Azerbaijan does nothing for my mental health.

I thought I needed cheery square to take my mind off outside. Square 38 is a 3D butterfly square. The butterfly is from a Bella Coco pattern which I stitched to a normal solid granny square. Simple but pretty.



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