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Photography walk in the old city

Parts of Baku are very pretty, the Old City (İçərişəhər in Azerbaijani) being one of the nicest in my opinion. I think it’s because its old school Baku in the middle of a fast changing, on its way to being throughly modern city. The contrast between İçərişəhər and the city out side of its walls is extreme in places. I went walking with my photography class after eating a fabulous traditional local breakfast in Mangal. 

I am so pleased with my pictures. I feel like I learned a lot from the class over the last four weeks. Not just the technical aspects of shutter speed and aperture but in a creative way too, I have discovered I like looking for the not so common angle to take a picture from and I got to use my wide-angle lens in ways I wouldn’t have thought of previously.

A few of my efforts.

My square today is less thrilling. I started following a pattern, got distracted by Quantico on TV and couldn’t be bothered to rip it out when I realised I had made a mistake. I just did something random that sort ended up square although a somewhat wonky one.

Square 37 – wonky diamond.



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