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Three square, a sandstorm & Demi Lovato.

I spent the last few days in Dubai with my baby girl, which is why no blog for a while due to crappy internet in the hotel. We went to RedFest DBX ,thanks to our amazing friends who hooked us up with fab VIP tickets. We had such a great time. It was pretty worrying when the concert was cancelled on Friday due to the terrible weather and dangerous winds. I had visions of breaking her heart having to tell her that she wasn’t going to see Demi Lovato. Huge praise to the people behind the scenes who had to literally put the stage back together to hold the show the next day.

I don’t normally share pics of the kids on here but look at the joy on her face! This is the moment Demi walked on stage. I love this girl.


So on to the squares.

I am a square down as I hurt my hand on Saturday, I will have to have to make two at some point.



Square 33 – I’m not sure where I found the pattern for this one. I will keep looking to see if I can track it down. It a series of 12 chains and single crochets to create the flower in the middle. Then three rounds of cross stitch crochets.






square 34 – I used  this Crown Appliqué then stitched it to a traditional granny crocheted with two yarns.






Square 35 – No pattern for this, I just made it up as I went. Single crochet square with a round of single down all sides. Then Treble row followed by single crochets.



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