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Snow & cupcakes.

I woke up with a killer headache after a brilliant day/night. Started at Hard Rock ended up at a Lebonese restaurant for end of the night munchies.

It started snowing last night so this morning Baku was under a blanket of the crappy whiet stuff. This wouldnt have been too bad had I not signed the Diva and myself up for a cupcake decorating workshop at the Art Cafe.

We braved the horrible cold to go down into the city. Im glad we did, we really enjoyed ourselves.

The way back was a nightmare. It started snowing again, you would have thought it had never snowed before. This is the Azeri version of driving up a hill in the snow. Yes that is a two lane road with 4 a breast cars not giving anyone room to move. Idiots. It took over an hour to complete a 20 minute journey.


Moving on to todays square – Square 28 is sort of based on the Rainbow square  The first 3 rounds are the same then I added an extra round of double crochets. I think it deserves the name sunny skies 🙂




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