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Turkey dinners and the bobble stitch.

Last night was a good night. We were at the work New Year (old Russian new year) party at the Fairmont in the Baku Flame Towers. Good food, entertainment, well stocked open bar and a fair bit of dancing. Its been a while since hubbys company has had something that was actually a good night out!

Woke up today feeling pretty spritely considering the aforementioned open bar which was surprising. Had a lazy morning then cooked a Turkey to take up to our friends house where we had a mini christmas dinner washed down with a bottle of verve.

On to todays square. It doesn’t photograph well, it’s really hard to see the raised pattern but it looks lovely in person.

Square 22 – the bobble stitch heart. Bella Coco has a great tutorial which I watched the beginning of so I could understand how to use the graph.

I think its very pretty and really effective for a stitch that is so easy.




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