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Snowflakes and photography.

The kids were very excited when it started to snow last night they went to bed dreaming of waking up to a Baku snow day. Much to my delight and their dismay we woke up to a chilly temperature but no snow.

That plus the fact that one of my best mates gets ridiculously excited about snow is the inspiration for todays snowflake square. The middle of the square is from a pattern on Raverly. I changed the outside because I wanted the edges of the snowflake to stand out so I crocheted double crochet in a  traditional granny style around the inner square of the flake.


I’ve been playing with my camera ready for my class tomorrow.

Working with aperture to blur and sharpen backgrounds and shutter speed to freeze movement and to catch the blur that makes you see the action. Safe to say I have a long a lot to learn!!!


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