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Mitred Grannys

I love this square. Its easy and looks good and its easy so it easy its worth repeating. I saw a few patterns online and after a read through realised if you can do a basic granny you can do this, no pattern following required.


I didn’t add a finally round to mine because I will do that when I stitch it to the others. This is one of the mitred granny patterns I read to get the gist of what I had to do (basically its two rounds of a normal granny square ,then two round of each other colour but your round goes along two sides then you chain three, turn your work and go back along the same two sides.

Day 17 complete!

I went to the gym today, managed a 4k run/walk on the treadmill and a 3000m row and I put my fitbit back on for the first time in months because now Im starting to be more active again I like to see the numbers (I am a child, I work harder if I can see the effort). I also started a photography class today so I can maybe get something out of that rather expensive piece of kit I have sitting in a bag. I really enjoyed myself, I might even post my homework pictures during the week if they are any good.

Today was a good day, I feel like my dip back down into scary depression might be on the way out again.









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