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Two threads and ten across.

I am knackered! Today was the first run training session for team Baku. For reasons I can no longer remember we decided that we would run the Great North Run in September. 13.2 miles. Today we managed 2.6 miles. Safe to say we need all the training we can get. I did feel good at the end but honestly its sad how unfit I am these days.

Todays is square 16. An easy one, a normal traditional granny made me with a red yarn and a white yarn crocheted as one.


I also put the first row of the first blanket together. I used the first 10 squares I made in the order I made them. I think I’m going to go with 12 rows of 10 making 3 blankets.


I used a single crochet stitch to join the squares first the sides then all the way round. It is definitely a bit rough around the edges.



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