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Happy New Year of the Granny Square

I had a lovely quiet NYE at home with the family. Drank a couple of bottles of Verve with the hubby, watched the last instalment of the Hunger Games (as bad as the others) and waited for the fireworks to start (they love a firework here).  The kids both wanted to stay up for the count down but only the biggest small person made it. She came down stairs at 11.55, we put the kids New Years Count Down on Netflix (the King Julian version for no other reason that my hubby thinks Lemurs are hilarious) then went and stood at the backdoor doors to watch crazy people lighting fireworks from their apartment balconies.

R said he was going to shave his facial growth today but it’s still there. He has looked like a homeless person since before Christmas. I’m not a beard person really but its starting to grow on me.

I found a blog in November called YarnTopia where the lady who runs it Nadia has been doing a 365 days of Granny Squares. Sounds like a great idea. She however designs her own because she is much more talented than I am. Anyway I have decided to make 2017 my year of the granny square. I will be using patterns and video tutorials from the net in the hopes of learning new things too. Hopefully I will remember to post them. Might even inspire more regular blogging.

This is the 1st.


It’s from a Bella Coco tutorial. I love the stuff on the Bella Coco site, her tutorials and patterns are really easy to follow. Hence making a heart in 15 minutes without having to pull anything out. Boom!


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