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Learning something new

Still loving my crochet so I decided to learn a new crochet skill. C2C crochet (corner to corner).


I watched a video on youtube from Mikey at the Crochet Crowd to make a scarf and learn C2C at the same time. It so easy and it grows really quickly. I bought the wool ages ago, its RedHeart super saver yarn in Backlight. It’s an American yarn, I love working with it and the bright colours are awesome. I intend to keep this scarf for myself but given that my kids have stolen everything else I’ve ever made I wont hold my breath.

I have a bear blanket I am going to make in the same way following a Crochet Crowd tutorial because I want to learn how to change colours using C2C so that I can tackle the Harry Potter CAL from Two Hearts Crochet. I ordered my wool from Woolware house yesterday ready for it. MASSIVE HARRY POTTER BLANKET HERE WE COME!


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