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Shahdag & skiing. Otherwise know as more snow…

Mr R, the small people and I just spent three days in Shahdag with some friends of ours. Shahdag is a ski resort that hadn’t finished being built the last time we lived in Azerbaijan. We didn’t get round to visiting last year either so this was our first visit. Considering it was full of the cold, wet, white stuff I hate so much I enjoyed myself much more than I thought I would.

We stayed in the Pik Palace in a family suite which was gorgeous. The Skiing wasn’t up to the standard of a French resort but it was also a quarter of the price. The slopes were lovely in the mornings but did get very busy with insane locals skiing in jeans who then made the runs pretty dangerous. Nothing like a mad person with no control hurtling down a mountain behind you to get your heart racing. Its been a while since our last ski holiday but happily we all made it the whole weekend with no falls or accidents.

We even got the littlest one on skis for the first time.


I tried the Hot Bull, the non alcoholic alternative to mulled wine, hot Red Bull. I do not recommend. Weird hot sugary nasty with bits of tinned pineapple floating in it. diabetes in a cup.


100% do not recommend.

The highlight of the weekend was for me my 90 minute fabulous herbal Tai massage. I would go back to the Pik Palace just for that. Maybe after the snow has gone.


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