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The magic of Harry Potter

The best happy ending story I’ve read for a long time was this one today – Daddy reading Harry Potter saved his baby. ❤️❤️❤️

I fully admit this made me properly tears rolling down my face cry.

Harry has a special place in my heart too, he helped keep me alive so many times over the years. During bad days, scary evenings wrestling with myself and lonely nights in hospital psychiatric wards.

I read them to my daughter when she was too small to understand, then we read them again together once she could. I got to share them again with my little boy (who prefers the movies but I’ve got time to work on him).

I still read them again and again when I’m too ill to get out of bed. I transferred my books to the kindle when my copies became too battered to even carefully take off the bookshelf. Tea and Harry Potter became the safest ritual for dealing with my depression I’ve come up with.

I will always be grateful to my dad for sharing his love of books with me. I have so many happy memories of reading with him (although it was Enid Blyton back then rather than J.K Rowling).

How wonderful for little Juniper that her daddy loved Harry enough to want to share him with her. God bless Hogwarts!

A good book can become a port in a storm, a great story can help you fly.


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