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Thermomix – love at first meal.

So I managed to con my long-suffering hubby into buying me a Thermomix. I couldn’t get it in Azerbaijan so I bought it in the UK and carried back in luggage with us on Tuesday (tipping us wellllllll over our allowance which btw is shit on Air France).  I figured since it cost a horrendous amount of money I had better get it used asap!

After dragging myself (read sitting in the car next to my driver) to the supermarket for supplies I decided to made Noodle soup and Tinga de Pollo for dinner. I was impressed by the time the soup was done, by the time the chicken was finished I was fully head over heels in love with my new kitchen baby.

Today the boy and I decided we would use the thermomix to make some goldfish crackers. Both my kids love them but they aren’t sold in Baku so we bring them back in the cases when I take T to Dubai for her doctors appointments. Not ideal.

I found a recipe online but it looked kinda plain so I added some paprika and extra cheese to the dough. It was a piece of piss to make the dough in the thermo and have gone down a treat with the kids plus their friends and the hubby. Boy enjoyed cutting out the shapes too. We haven’t got a fish cookie cutter so we make teeny men, moose and wonky squares.


Did I mention I love my new Thermomix??

I’m planning on making cocktails in it tomorrow for Fizz Friday. It’s the gift that just keeps giving.


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