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Not quite the happiest place on earth aka Disneyland Paris

We arrived back in the UK last Friday minus hubby for a month in the UK plus a little trip to France. Now that British Airways don’t fly from Baku anymore we are stuck with Azal, via Paris. Azal suck and Charles de Gaul airport is a nightmare. Next year I have to find a different route back to Newcastle. I think the Azal plane was about 35 years old, the boy couldn’t wrap his head around a plane not having to screens (because he is spoiled). Thank god for iPads.  The girl just sat with her headphones on ignoring us, I’ve seen the teen years ahead and it’s not pretty.
We arrived in Newcastle to pouring rain, this is normal for me but still takes the monsters by surprise. No coats and inadequate footwear because I’m not a particularly great parent person.
After a weekend in County Durham we left again to spend the week in the self proclaimed happiest place on earth aka Disney land. However as it was Disney land Paris what it should be called is the suckier, not quite as happy as Florida place on earth.
The kids and I took my Mam with us as she is a Disney fan, an adult child and far too poor to go on her own. She had a fab time which is what counts. The kids enjoyed it too even though the expat brat came out a few times in both of them with comments like “well it’s not Florida is it”.  It just doesn’t have the shine to everything that the USA parks have. Plus the cast members just aren’t as have a nice day as they should be!
Now we are back in windy, rainy England and I’m counting off my days until I get back to Baku!


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